Comparing Comenius´ educational thoughts with the document of the fundamental educational transformation of Iran

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1 khorasgan (Esfahan)azad university

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3 departmnt of theology

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The purpose of this study was to compare the thoughts of Comenius with the document of the fundamental transformation of the education of Iran. The present study, considering the subject and the research axis, was a kind of qualitative research and used conceptual, comparative and inferential analysis. Research scope in this research includes all texts, researches and documents related to the principles, goals and components of education that have been extracted from the available resources in relation to research in the educational system of Islam and the West. The results of the research indicate that Comenius educational ideas correspond to the transformation document in some parts; Comenius was a divine scholar who believed in God. Also, with the comparative study of Comenius Educational Opinion and the fundamental transformation document, it is concluded that there are differences and commonalities between these two



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