The Relationship between Research Experience and Researcher Spiritually with Research self-efficacy of M.A students of Islamic Azad University in Sari

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Educational Management, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran


The purpose of this research is investigating the relationship between research experience and researcher spirituality with research self-efficacy of M.A. students of Islamic Azad University of Sari. Its implementation method is descriptive and correlational. The statistical population in this research consists of 5112 MA students of Islamic Azad University of Sari in 2017-2018. Out of which, 361 students were randomly selected based on Krejcie and Morgan sampling table and applying stratified sampling method. For data collection, the library and the field method were used. The data collection tool in this research was three researcher-made questionnaire included research experience, research spirituality and research self-efficacy. The content validity of these questionnaires was approved by supervisors, advisors and experts in the field and their reliability was obtained by using Cronbach's alpha coefficient, respectively (83%, 91% and 86%). To analyze the data two statistical methods included descriptive statistics (frequency, indicators mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics were used (Wilcoxon test non-parametric methods, spearman correlation test, strong regression and structural equation). For analysis, SPSS software and LISREL was used. Findings from the research suggest that the simultaneous relationship was established between the predictor variables and the criterion variable. And also the researcher spirituality had mediator role in relationship between research experiences with research self-efficacy. `