Surveying the role of free time in female student’s time management at high schools

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor,Faculty of Humanities, Lamerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd. Iran


The efficient use of time is an obligation for progress and promotion in the world, today. The Correct use of time causes the human being to carry out the activities leading to achieve the Personal Goals. The role of free time of female students in high school time management in Lamard-Iran was examined. In terms of objective, the study is an applied work and as to data gathering method it is a descriptive-survey work. Study population consisted of high school females in Lamard city (n=940) and 269 female students were selected as sample group based on Cochran’s formula. To collect the data, a standard questionnaire was used. Content validity of the questionnaire was supported by experts and validity of the tool was obtained equal to 0.89 based on factor analysis test. Reliability of the tool was determined equal to 0.87 based on Cronbach’s alpha. The results showed that free time had a desirable and suitable role in time management of the subjects so that they used their free time purposefully and effectively through routine planning based on learning and educational activities. Moreover, Friedman’s test showed a significant difference among the research elements in terms of the mean scores. The lowest and highest mean scores were obtained by mechanics of time management and enforcement of discipline and organization respectively.


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